Purebred Black Welsh Mountain Sheep starter flocks available right here in central Alberta. 

Beautiful Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are the perfect addition to the small landholder and wool artesian flocks. The black welsh are a small breed and easy to manage. The Black Welsh are an ancient primitive “hill” breed known for their hardiness and self-reliance. 

We were drawn to raising Black Welsh Mountain Sheep because of their low maintenance, outstanding maternal instinct, natural resilience to disease and parasites, flavourful meat and beautiful wool. The breed is an excellent choice for producers looking to bring in maternal and hardiness traits into their flock. The ewes have incredible natural maternal instinct, dedicated to their lambs and produce plenty of milk to raise twins…or the rare triplet. Newborn lambs are very quick to their feet and quick to nurse. There are few breeds that are this low maintenance at lambing time. 

Ewes are polled and rams grow a beautiful set of curled horns. 

Sound too good to be true? Feel free to contact me to discuss your purebred starter flock and I’ll let you in on the best kept secret in the sheep business! 

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