Grass Finished Meat


At Athenry, we farm with an emphasis on holistic management. We strive to be admirable stewards of the land and produce wholesome, high quality lamb for our friends and family.


The meat is unique to the breed - lean, rich in color and full of flavour that is superior to lambs raised commercially.  Black Welsh Mountain sheep meat is known as a delicacy in the UK.    

We produce healthy, 100% grassfed sheep while regenerating the land.  Integrity and honesty are the core of our values.  




The definition of "lamb meat" in Canada is an animal that is slaughtered at 12 months of age or younger.  "Hogget" is meat from sheep that are between 12-24 months of age.  At Athenry, we grassfinish our lambs, making them closer to 14-16 months of age at slaughter.  The animals destined for butcher are on mixed pastures and frolic alongside our beautiful Buffalo Creek where we use them as land managers to control the weeds and promote and increase in plant biodiversity.  This is what we call regenerative and sustainable farming.    The trade off for "true lamb", is that you are getting "Hogget", wonderfully flavoured and holistically grown.  


Contact us to order your grassfinished meat.  Currently your options are whole (35-40 lbs) or half (17-20lbs) cut and wrapped.  

They are artfully cut and vacuum packed for lasting freshness.  The meat is hung for a minimum of 10 days.  

Cuts include ground, stew, racks, shanks, roasts and the option of organs and soup bones. Our lambs are processed by an inspected facility. You won’t beat the flavour and quality of this meat anywhere!